Walk (2009)

"Walk" is a gem and is some of the most original material I have had the privilege to review so far this year... was music of this caliber that got me into the Americana scene in the first place.
-Texas Star Tribune

Wonderful new record! ...guitar playing is superb and the voices blend really beautifully.
-Don Was (Grammy-Winning Producer)

Excellent record... ...some of the best country/folk songs written and played this year. Highly recommended.
-Americana UK

One lovely song after another, gorgeous singing and a deliciously underproduced sound.
-Sarasota Herald-Tribune
Dose (2005)

Dose is a double-disc journey through the heart of Americana and roots music, accessorized with DJ scratches, gospel choirs and bluesy instrumentation. The first disc features revved-up, fully electric versions of 10 songs. Disc two includes intimate, acoustic renditions of the same tracks.

-The Houston Chronicle

The fact that Red Rooster has managed to capture the dichotomy of modern American roots music using just the same ten songs is nothing short of astounding.


Porch Songs (2002)

Brooklyn is where the album came together -on Pacific Street, in that apartment, doors and windows closed, cigarettes burning, day and night, listening, recording, talking about it, doing it again. This album was made at home. And if they lived somewhere quieter, it probably would have been on made the porch. Think of Porch Songs as Red Rooster's slow-cooked casserole, brought to the pot luck dinner of Americana music.

-Matt Dellinger, Author

" guys have done a good f^*&ing record and I intend to play more of it. "

-Evan Toth, WFDU, 89.1FM

Released in 2002, Porch Songs is Red Rooster's debut album. Recorded and mixed in an apartment in Brooklyn it captures the origins of the band and the crucible in which the sound of the band was born.