The album is available for download on our website under the "pay what you want" model with a special digital package that includes bonus tracks. Preview 3 tracks from "Walk" below:

"Walk" is a gem and is some of the most original material I have had the privilege to review so far this year... ...it was music of this caliber that got me into the Americana scene in the first place.
- Texas Star Tribune

Excellent record... ...some of the best country/folk songs written and played this year. Highly recommended.
-Americana UK

I dare you to not love what these guys in Red Rooster are doing.
- Freight Train Boogie

Just when you think there's nothing new in folk, along comes the New York-based Red Rooster to blow you away.
- Washington Examiner

Red Rooster puts multiple genres into a big pot and stirs it around making a musical concoction that is truly unique. If that's not enough reason to listen to WALK repeatedly, then do it because the songs are just that friggin' great.
- Ink 19

One lovely song after another, gorgeous singing and a deliciously underproduced sound.
-Sarasota Herald-Tribune

"Walk" promises a lot and delivers on every count... Don't be surprised if Walk shows up on a host of end-of-year "Best" lists.
-Wildy's World

...a unique patchwork quilt of musicians and influences—bluegrass, folk, country and other Levon Helm colors. ...confident and patient Americana pace.

Wonderful new record! ...guitar playing is superb and the voices blend really beautifully.
-Don Was (Grammy-Winning Producer)

Liner Notes

Produced by Jay Erickson. Recorded at Soft Landing Studio (Brooklyn, NY), Enchanted Garden Recording Studio (Ridgefield, CT), Woodin Rock Sound Factory (Pawling, NY), and a few other random places. Engineered by Stephen Griesgraber, Noah Manheimer, Jason Fifield, and Jay Erickson. Mixed by Peter Moshay at A-Pawling Studios (Pawling, NY). Mastered by Joe Lambert at JLM Mastering (Brooklyn, NY). Electronic programming by Jay Erickson (except for drum programming on "Borrowed Money" - Peter Nilsson). All arrangements by Red Rooster. All songs written by Nat Zilkha and Jay Erickson (except for "Borrowed Money" - Susannah Hornsby, "Satisfied Mind" - J. H. Hayes/Jack Rhodes).

Vocals: Jay Erickson, Susannah Hornsby, Andrew Green & Daniel Engelman
Electric Guitar & Acoustic Guitar: Nat Zilkha
Acoustic Guitar & Computer Machine: Jay Erickson
Banjo & Bass: Andrew Green
Drums: Jeremy Randol & Lucas Ives
Bass: Daniel Engelman
Keyboard & Piano: Peter Nilsson
Saxophone: Dave Gould
French Horn: Brandon Doyle
Trumpet: Simon Wettenhall
Accordion: Susannah Hornsby
Mandolin: Jamie Forrest
Fiddle: Rob Hecht
Pedal Steel Guitar: Bob Parins
Electric Guitar (sample): R.S. Hornsby
Harmonica: Jon Howe
Dobro: Dick Neal
Graphic Design: Eric Skillman

In addition to all of the wonderful musicians and engineers who devoted their time and talent, the following deserve our deepest thanks for their support in producing this album: Katie Rose Hillegass, Sara Zilkha & The Boys, Dan Rowe & Charlotte Kendrick, James Murray, Andy Laird, Zmira & Michael Zilkha, Leslie Lee, Lauren Porcaro, Guy Tino, Lynn Anderson, Robbie Collins, Deke Shipp, The Hornsby Family, Jonathan Hyland, Rick Levine, Reeve Schley, Field Maloney, Roosevelt Dime, Leah Selvidge, Kristin, Karen & John Erickson, The Facebook Feedback Group, Bootstrap Software, Karin Arnold and all of those venues and fans who have supported our music over the miles and the years. This album is dedicated to the life and memory of R.S. Hornsby.

Track Listing

1. Bluebird
2. Black Point Road
3. Chasing You
4. Borrowed Money
5. Leaves in Autumn
6. Five Tiny Fingers
7. Let It All Go
8. Raining in Los Angeles
9. Time To Go
10. Washington Square
11. The Places In Between
12. Satisfied Mind