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Pay What You Want!

Huh? Wha? That's right. You can pay whatever you feel like paying and download the album (DRM-free!). Technology has shook up the music biz, folks, and set a whole bunch of music free. If there is one thing we like, it's freedom. And making music. To do the latter effectively we do need to see some income but the fixed price model is so last century. So, there it is. Pay what you want, we are passing the digital hat. We could also call it, "pay what you think you should pay." This could be a function of how much you like our music, how much you want to be a patron of the arts, how many ducats you have, if you make a typo, or all of the above. We can assure you, however, that the ducats you do decide to send our way will be used for making music and keeping this operation on the road. And if you are going to download the songs onto a hundred thumb drives or burn fifty cd's for your friends you may want to consider giving a little extra. To learn more about "Walk," click here.

Some reference points for assistance in setting your own price:
  • Cost of an album on iTunes: $9.99
  • Average cost of concert ticket: $40
  • Average cost of McDonald's extra value meal: $5
  • Average movie ticket price: $7.18
  • Ten gallons of gas: $26.18
If you have a download code, please enter the code below:

How does it work and what do I get?

Clicking the link below will send you to paypal where you can enter the amount you like and complete the transaction using a credit card, paypal or even online check. Paypal will then send you back to our site where you will be able to download the album. One good thing about buying the album this way is that The Man takes only a tiny cut compared to the other outlets. Just following these simple steps:
  1. click on the button below that says "Download WALK and Bonus Tracks Now"
  2. enter amount you'd like to pay in PayPal and click "update total"
  3. enter your payment information and submit (or login to paypal if you are registered)
  4. click on the link that says "return to Red Rooster's website"
  5. download the music, open it up and enjoy unlimited hours of listening pleasure!
The download includes:
  • the 12 tracks that are on the standard WALK release
  • EXCLUSIVE: 3 bonus tracks including "California," "Closing In," and a tasty cover of "Every Breath You Take"
  • lyrics
  • liner notes

Is it secure and safe?

The transaction is 100% secure and safe and uses the same encryption and technology as your online banking and other e-commerce.

The album is also available at these fine locations (among many others):

*all audio at 256Kbps high-quality AAC/M4A
*you can download as many times as you like to the computer on which
you purchase the download